Quiz Bird #7/Acertijo Aviario #7

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Mystery Bird photo by Jo Davidson

Mystery Bird photo by Jo Davidson

What bird is this? A resident bird of some difficulty, found on both Caribbean and Pacific slopes. Members of a large family with 78 representatives here, these charmers are excitable, often vocalizing, and prefer brushy understory.

The prize will be an arresting butterfly greeting card — one of member Liz Allen’s original designs — so send your answer pronto to: sanvitobirdclub@gmail.com.

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Cual ave es? Un ave residente con cierta dificultad, que se encuentra tanto en la costa Pacífica como Caribe. Parte de una gran familia, de 78 miembros acá, estos encantos son nerviosos, frecuentemente vocalizando, y prefieren el sotobosque cubierto de maleza.

El premio será una llamativa tarjeta — uno de los diseños originales de la miembro Liz Allen – así que envíe pronto su respuesta a: sanvitobirdclub@gmail.com.

!Quiz Bird #6/Acertijo Aviario #6!

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Quiz Bird #6!

Quiz Bird #6!

Here is a Mystery Bird of medium difficulty:

Clue #1: During the breeding season (April-August), we notice the absence of shorebirds, thrushes, flycatchers, warblers, orioles and tanagers; about 25% of our total species migrate to North America to breed.

Clue #2: This photo was taken in April in the small state of Connecticut.

Clue #3: In Costa Rica, it is usually found within 6 meters of the ground and favors thickets near water.

Please send your answer ASAP to sanvitobirdclub@gmail.com. The prize for this contest is a black SVBC tee shirt, women’s size 14.

We extend our thanks to Bill Batsford for permission to use this beautiful photo.  Please note: if your initials are JR, JZ or FS you are not eligible for this game!

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Quiz Bird #6

Acertijo Aviario #6

Aquí hay un Pájaro Misterioso de mediana dificultad.

Pista #1: Durante la temporada de cría de abril – agosto, notamos la ausencia de aves playeras, zorzales, mosqueros, reinitas, bolseros y tangaras; cerca del 25% del total de nuestras especies migran hacia América del Norte para criar.

Pista #2: Esta foto fue tomada en el pequeño estado de Connecticut en abril.

Pista #3: En Costa Rica, usualmente se encuentra bajo los 6 metros al suelo y prefiere los matorrales cercanos al agua.

Por favor envíe su respuesta tan pronto como le sea posible a este correo electronico: sanvitobirdclub@gmail.com. El premio para este concurso es una camiseta negra del SVBC talla 14 femenina.

Un agradecimiento especial a Bill Batsford por su permiso para utilizar esta hermosa foto.



!Quiz Bird #5 Unmasked/Acertijo Aviario #5 Descifrado!

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Congratulations once again to Teresa Bueno of Atenas for correctly and speedily identifying our Bran-colored Flycatcher.

Bran-colored Flycatcher (photo by Gail Hull)

Bran-colored Flycatcher (photo by Gail Hull)

This quiz had only two entries, both of which were correct, so, ‘Hello San Vito Bird Club birders?’ We need more contestants! Is this not the most fascinating thing you have ever done? I thought so too, so hi ho: let’s crisp it up. Watch for the next quiz and give it your very best guess, OK?

Again, thank you to Gail Hull for lending us her beautiful photo!

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Felicidades otra vez a Teresa Bueno de Atenas por identificar de forma correcta y rápida nuestro mosquero estriado (Myiophobus fasciatus).

Tuvimos solo dos entradas para este concurso; de las cuales ambos fueron correctas.

Hola San Vito Bird Club pajareros? Donde estan? Por favor, ocupamos mas contestas! Busca nuestro juga proxima y intentar a ganar!

Nuevamente, ¡Gracias a Gail Hull por prestarnos su hermosa fotografía!

!Quiz Bird #5/Acertijo Aviario #5!

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This is a hard one, so get out your field guides!

Mystery Bird #5 (photo by Gail Hull)

Mystery Bird #5 (photo by Gail Hull)

Clue #1: This bird belongs to the most diverse (and some say most ‘difficult’) group in Costa Rica comprised of 78 species.

Clue #2: The photo was taken in April at the San Joaquin Wetlands just outside of San Vito on the road to Sabalito.

Clue #3: Our bird stays low in secondary growth and is often found near water.

The prize for this contest is a handy-dandy rain poncho – lightweight, compact and perfect to tuck into your pocket or birding pack — especially useful at this time of year.

Please note: if your initials are JD, JG, JR, JZ or LA you are not eligible for this game!

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Este es difícil, ¡Así que saquen sus guías de campo!

Pista #1: Esta ave pertenece al más diverso (y algunos dicen que al más “difícil”) grupo en Costa Rica compuesto por 78 especies.

Pista #2: La fotografía fue tomada en abril, en los humedales de San Joaquín, en las afueras de San Vito sobre la carretera a Sabalito.

Pista #3: Nuestra ave se mantiene en la parte baja del bosque secundario y se encuentra usualmente cerca de agua.

El premio para este concurso es un poncho conveniente para la lluvia – liviano, compacto y perfecto para meterlo en su bolsillo o mochila para pajarear (especialmente útil durante esta época del año).

Por favor tome en cuenta que: Si sus iniciales son JD, JG, JR, JZ o LA , ¡Usted no es elegible para este juego!

!Quiz Bird #4 Revealed/La Respuesta del Prueba No. 4!

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Our Mystery Bird from last week’s Quiz #4 was correctly identified by Member Liz Allen of Concepcion as a Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak (photo by Jo Davidson).

Rose-breasted Grosbeak (photo by Jo Davidson).

Congratulations to Lety Andino of San Vito; Sandie Guthans of Baton Rouge, LA, and Dave Janas of Las Cruces who also correctly identified Quiz Bird #4 but sent their answers a little too late!

Thank you to Member Jo Davidson for her photo of this Rose-breasted Grosbeak that is either an immature male or an immature or adult female. See photo below for an adult male!

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Felicidades a miembre Liz Allen of Concepcion: su respuesta estaba correcto: Rose-breasted Grosbeak!

Tuvimos tres respuestas mas este vez de Lety Andino de San Vito; Sandie Guthans de Baton Rouge, LA, y Dave Janas de Las Cruces — todos correctos, pero un poquito demasiado tarde!

Gracias a nuestra miembre Jo Davidson para su foto arriba de un pheucticus ludovicianus; esta un macho joven o posible una hembra joven o adulto. Abajo: un guapo macho adulto!

Photo of a beautiful male Rose-breasted Grosbeak from Wikipedia.

Photo of a beautiful male Rose-breasted Grosbeak from Wikipedia.

Quiz Bird #3/Examen de aves #3!

This will be a race to see who responds first because this one is easy!

Mystery Bird Photo by Gail Hull

Mystery Bird Photo by Gail Hull

The Two Clues

Location: Finca Cantaros

Time of year: October

This time the prize will be a lens cleaning cloth that you can attach to your binoculars, courtesy of The Audubon Shop in Madison, CT.

Good luck everybody: the clock is ticking!

Please send your answer to: sanvitobirdclub@gmail.com and if your initials are GH, JF, JG, JZ or FS, you are not eligible for this one!

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¡Esta será una carrera para ver quien responde primero porque esta es fácil!

 Las Dos Pistas

La ubicación: Finca Cántaros

El momento del año: el mes octubre

Esta vez el premio será un pañito para limpiar lentes que puede sujetar a sus binoculares, cortesía de The Audobon Shop en Madison, CT.

Por favor envíe su respuesta a: sanvitobirdclub@gmail.com

Suerte a todo el mundo: ¡El reloj está corriendo!

Quiz Bird #2 Revealed/La Respuesta del Prueba #2!

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Quiz Bird #2 had nine entries, two of which were correct: Lesser Goldfinch (Carduelis psaltria).

Lesser Goldfinch photographed by Jo Davidson.

Lesser Goldfinch photographed by Jo Davidson.

Our Official Winner is Suzanne Gross of Piedades, Santa Ana, who came on one of our walks at the Wilson Garden last December. Due to the difficulty of mailing cookies from San Vito, Suzanne has generously donated her one dozen Chocolate Chips to our next Bird Walk at the Wilson Garden.

Other entries included two orioles, two tanagers, a vireo, a warbler and a seedeater.

Thanks for a great job Photographer Jo Davidson on making sure the bill was hidden behind a leaf: we fooled everybody except Suzanne and member Jim Zook.

Gracias a nuestra miembre Jo Davidson para su foto de un Carduelis psaltria!

Tuvimos mas respuestas este vez, pero solo dos de nueve estaban correctos.

Felicidades a Suzanne Gross de Piedades, Santa Ana: su respuesta estaba correcto: Lesser Goldfinch!

Quiz Bird Revealed/La Respuesta del Prueba!

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Thanks to new member Jo Davidson for her photo of a female Blue-black Grassquit!

Female Blue-black Grassquit. Photo by Jo Davidson

Our contest had four entries — all wrong, so we are eating the cookies ourselves and hoping for better results next time.

Entrant #1 and #3 thought our bird was a female Indigo Bunting to which we say, “Good try, but please note the description in A Guide to the Birds of Costa Rica by Stiles and Skutch saying ‘ . . . females below much less streaked than female Blue-black Grassquit.’ ”

Entrant #2 postulated a female Slaty Finch but, again, note bill shape and description, “. . . faint, sparse dusky streaking on breast and sides. . . Upper mandible blackish. . .”

Entrant #4 threw caution to the wind calling our grassquit a Bobolink. Bobolinks are quite a bit bigger than grassquits although I will happily admit discerning size in a photograph is often more difficult than in the field and all our contestant had to go on here for comparison were some leaves.

Gracias a nuestra miembre nueva Jo Davidson para su foto de una hembra Volatinia jacarina!

Todos los respuestos estaban incorrectos, entonces vamos a comer las galletas yo mismo y esperar una resultada mejor proximo vez: jajaja!