Pixilated Bird ID #2.0: Winners!

Here are the first five SVBC members to correctly identify Pixilated Bird 2.0 as a Resplendent Quetzal.

Kathy Bauer

Jo Davidson

Lety Andino

David Fielding

Tom Wilkinson

Well done all!  And bonus points to the great and powerful Kathy Bauer for figuring out, if you squint up your eyes when looking at the pixilated photo, it looks much clearer.

Next Pixilated Bird ID coming later this week.  And 3.0 will be more difficult, I promise.

Pixilated Bird ID: #2.0

Maybe Pixilated Bird ID #1 was just poorly executed.  Maybe this whole idea could be fun, fun, fun with a better photo!  We’ll start off with a pretty easy one.

Pixilated Bird ID #2.0.  Identify the bird shown below and send your answer to:


You won’t actually win anything but I will post the names of the first five SVBC members who correctly identify…this bird.

resp que

Pixilated Idea?

I guess the Pixilated Bird ID may not have been such a good idea; or maybe my first effort just wasn’t a good effort.  Sorry.

Here are the pixilated version and the actual photo:



A King Vulture.

I’ll try one more tomorrow and if it is as bad, we’ll just move on.

A New Bird Quiz: Let’s Go ‘Urban Birding’!

Quiz Bird #1

City parks are often sites of great birding adventures. In New York, Central Park is a famous spot with more than 230 documented species. It is particularly ‘hot’ during spring and fall migrations and is the subject of a wonderful documentary called ‘The Central Park Effect’. Likewise, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is another birder’s dream and hosts 175 field trips per year for all birding skill levels. In Costa Rica, La Sabana Metropolitan Park has been reforested with native trees and now boasts about 200 species of birds.

Recently, in an enormous park in Mexico City – Parque Chapultepec  — we ventured out to bird one morning and took some amazingly not-great photos BUT they are good enough to make a new Quiz Bird post for you!

Quiz Bird #2 — just the families will win the game!

Just name the five families and the first person who figures them out correctly will win either 6 Currant Scones or a six-pack of Imperial, Costa Rica’s national beer (your choice). If you can name all five species, you’ll get an extra surprise. Send your answers to: eltangaral@gmail.com. If you live in San Vito, your prize will be delivered at our next Bird Walk on Sunday, November 4 at 7:30 a.m. at Las Cruces. If you live anywhere else, we’ll mail you a non-comestible prize.

Quiz bird #3

In Cornell University’s local environmental education program, Detectives de Aves or BirdSleuth-International, any of the students would ace this quiz. Lesson 7 features bird family silhouettes and these photos, although they appear to have been taken by our anti-photographer, are perfectly adequate for you to correctly identify these groups. All our Detectives de Aves students are eligible to win this contest but no beer for them; instead, a dozen homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies. Attention Detectives: please include your name, school and grade level for proper eligibility.

Quiz Bird #5 — and it’s a gimme!

Quiz Bird #4


Bird Quiz Quickie: What the…?

Our last Bird Quiz was a tough one, it seems.  We had only one guess and that guess was a good one…but, it was not the bird WE thought it was.

First of all, here is the photo in question (courtesy of Jo Davidson):


We think this is a photo of a female White-winged Becard.  The most excellent guess, from SVBC follower David Fielding, was a Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet.

The wing bars appear buffy-colored rather than white, as with the N.B. Tyrannulet.

BUT…Mr. Fielding…your guess was superb!  Ergo, prior to your next visit to San Vito please contact me, Greg Homer (see below), and I’ll see to it that you receive one dozen home made cookies.



Bird Quiz Quickie!/Prueba de Aves-Rapido!

The first correct identification of this bird (shown below) wins something good to eat (like cookies; about 12) home-baked by SVBC President-Emeritus Alison Olivieri.  Good luck!

Send your answer to: president@sanvitobirdclub.org


La primera identificacion correcta de esta ave (abajo) gana algo buena para comer (como 12 galletas), horneado por Presidente-Emeritus Alison Olivieri.  Buena suerte!

Envia su repuesta a:  president@sanvitobirdclub.org


Bird Quiz Quickie…We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to SVBC President-Emeritus Alison Wickwire Olivieri for correctly identifying our Bird Quiz Quickie.  The bird pictured below is a Pale-breasted Spinetail (Synallaxis albescens).

Note the faint eye stripe and particularly the very diagnostic tail configuration; hence the name Spinetail.

FYI: Some folks have mentioned the rather poor quality of this photograph, making identification a challenge.  In the field, birds rarely pose fully exposed and in full sunlight.  These Bird Quiz Quickies will regularly include photographs of less-than-perfect composition.  But there will always be visual clues to aid in identification.  In birding, we live by the motto: ‘If it was easy, it wouldn’t be any fun.’

(photo courtesy of Sarah Beeson-Jones)

PB Spinetail

Quiz Bird Quickie

The first SVBC member to correctly identify this bird wins one dozen Snickerdoodle cookies!

Send your response to:


(Pepe Castiblanco, Sarah and Charles Beeson-Jones are not eligible.)

Photo taken in rice fields behind Ciudad Neily, February 2018.

Good luck!

(photo courtesy of Sarah Beeson-Jones)

PB Spinetail.jpg

Quiz Bird for Dec. 2017: The Correct ID!

Congratulations to the great Steven Masis Dias for correctly identifying our latest quiz bird as the beautiful Golden-winged Warbler.  A VERY tiny bit of yellow/gold color on the wing is viewable in the first photo below.  A full photo of the Golden-winged Warbler is offered below as well.  (photos courtesy of Jo Davidson)

Steven wins 12 home-baked Snickerdoodle cookies, which can be collected at El Tangaral after Jan. 12th.  Bravo Steven!

Quiz bird Nov 2017

G-wing Warbler