Quiz Bird: Sept. 2021

We haven’t offered our readers a Quiz Bird in quite some time. Yet, birds still remain quizzical. So here’s one for you to chew on.

HInt (in rhyme form):

“This yellow bird, this common bird

Acts like those birds that hum.

Big in mind but small in size,

No bigger than your thumb.

Who Am I?”

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Photo courtesy of Jo Davidson

Bird Jumble #3: Answers

Congratulations to the gifted, speedy and powerful Dorothy MacKinnon for solving Bird Jumble #3! Here are the jumbles and the answers:

The Challenging 3:

an ox nipples = Plain Xenops

cop mom on too = Common Potoo

darkest amity = Masked Tityra

The Easier 3:

one pig = pigeon

law owls = swallow

bitter nuns = sunbittern

The Local Name 3:

daring loon = golondrina

orangest = sargento

boob = bobo

We may be able to squeeze out ONE MORE jumble…in a couple of days.

Green Honeycreeper and Silver-throated Tanager photo courtesy of somebody with a camera.

Bird Jumble #2-Answers/Plus, Bird Jumble #3…Extravaganza!

Once again, here are last week’s Bird Jumbles followed by the answers:

large reactants = Scarlet Tanager

a noodle pro = Oropendola

bison poll = Spoonbill

a big drifter = Frigatebird (isn’t that one elegant?)

quick color user = Squirrel Cuckoo

camel cat wars = Scarlet Macaw

taco tune = Toucanet

porn guy died = Ruddy Pigeon

And the tie-breaker: chocolaty hurdler = Clay-colored Thrush

Hope you had some fun with this one.

Now…for Bird Jumble #3-Extravaganza!

Below you will see 3 jumbled bird names in three separate categories:

Challenging (tough ones)–Easier (but not easy)–Local Names (local bird names jumbled)


#1. an ox nipples

#2: cop mom on too

#3: darkest amity


#1: one pig

#2: law owls

#3: bitter nuns

Local Names:

#1: orangest

#2: boob

#3: daring loon

Good luck and have fun!

photo courtesy of Alison Olivieri

Bird Jumble #2

Here’s your next challenge; Bird Jumble #2. Again, rearrange the letters below to make the name of bird that can be found within an hour or two from San Vito.

Following those jumbled letters, the parenthesis lets you know how many words there are in the solved puzzle.

  1. large reactants (two words)
  2. a noodle pro (one word)
  3. bison poll (one word)
  4. a big drifter (one word)
  5. quick color user (two words)
  6. camel cat wars (two words)
  7. taco tune (one word)
  8. porn guy died (two words)

Tie Breaker: chocolaty hurdlers (three words)

Mixed Up Birds (now…Bird Jumble) #1: Answers and Winners!

‘Mixed Up Birds’, our challenging new game will now be known as ‘Bird Jumble’ (thanks to Alison Olivieri).

The winners of Bird Jumble #1, submitted at almost at the exact same time:

The speedy and powerful Georgea Badilla and the patient and tenacious Jo Davidson. Congratulations to you both.

Here are the correct answers to Bird Jumble #1:

  1. brawler = warbler
  2. the calf cry = flycatcher
  3. greet = egret
  4. brand it = antbird
  5. dumb grin him = hummingbird
  6. aqua rep = paraque
  7. i amount = tinamou
  8. serf hiking = kingfisher
  9. a garnet = tanager
  10. a man ink = manakin
  11. Tie-breaker Challenge:   GRACIOUS QUOTIENT = Turquoise Cotinga

Please see our page for Bird Jumble #2 tomorrow.

Mixed Up Birds–A New Contest!/Pajaros Mezclados!

Cabin fever getting to you?  Tired of counting the flowers on the wallpaper?

The San Vito Bird Club is here for you with a fun new, new, new contest!

We call it ‘MIXED UP BIRDS’.

Below you will see ten birds that are found around here…but the letters have been all mixed up.  Your job is to rearrange the letters into the correct bird name.


erased tee = Seedeater

Some may be quite easy, others not so much.  As a tie-breaker, an eleventh bird is included at the bottom  This one could be much harder (hint: it is two words). Good luck!

Send your answers to:



Esta usted cansado de contar las flores en su fondo de pantalla?

El Club de Aves de San Vito tiene una concurso nuevo y divertido!

“Pajaros Mezclados”/Mixed Up Birds

Abajo hay diez nombres de pajaros comun de Coto Brus; pero las letras son mezclan. El objecto es cambiar las letras a nombre del pajaro.

Ejemplo: erased tee = Seedeater

Muy buena suerte! Tambien hay #11 que es mas dificil de las otras (es dos palabras).

Envia sus repuestas a:



  1. brawler
  2. the calf cry
  3. greet
  4. brand it
  5. dumb grin him
  6. aqua rep
  7. i amount
  8. serf hiking
  9. a garnet
  10. A man ink

#11: Tie-breaker Challenge:   GRACIOUS QUOTIENT 

(photo courtesy of Jean-Philippe Thelliez. This bird is not one of the answers.)

Answer to Sept. 11 Quiz Bird

Congratulations to the following SVBC members for correctly identifying our Quiz Bird for Sept 11, 2019 as, the Costa Rican Brush Finch:

Julie Wooley–Randall Jimenez–Christopher Stamp–Jean-Phillippe Thelliez

The Costa Rican Brush Finch (Arremon costaricensis) is primarily a secretive ground dwelling or dense understory bird. Similar Coto Brus birds: Black-stripped Sparrow, Orange-billed Sparrow.

What visual clues did our Quiz Bird photo offer to ensure a proper ID?

All white throat.

Thick black mask (only partially seen in quiz photo).

Greenish back.

Thank you all for participating. Complete photo of the Costa Rican Brush Finch shown below; courtesy of Gail-Hewson Hull.

Quiz Bird for September 11, 2019

This month’s Quiz Bird is shown below, in a slightly edited version, to make identification more challenging.

If you can identify this bird, send your answer to:


(photo courtesy of Gail Hewson-Hull; taken at Finca Cantaros, San Vito)

Good luck!

Quiz Bird from June 7: The Answer

Jo Davidson, Terri Peterson and Alison Olivieri all correctly identified our June 7th Quiz Bird as the…


Well done.  And Ms. Peterson also chipped in with a very good point; not too long ago the Wrenthrush had a MUCH prettier name–the Zeledonia.  So look for the beautiful Wrenthrush next time you’re up in the higher altitudes.

FYI: Send your photos that may serve as a challenging Quiz Bird to:



Quiz Bird: June 7, 2019

Unlike most of our Quiz Bird photos, this photo is perfectly composed, lighted and framed.  You can clearly see every aspect of this Quiz Bird!

However, to see this bird you must leave San Vito and go up, up, up into higher altitudes.  Look around stands of bamboo, fairly close to the ground and you may spot the beautiful…???

Send your answers to:


(photo courtesy of John Missing, forwarded from Gail Hull)