Answer to Sept. 11 Quiz Bird

Congratulations to the following SVBC members for correctly identifying our Quiz Bird for Sept 11, 2019 as, the Costa Rican Brush Finch:

Julie Wooley–Randall Jimenez–Christopher Stamp–Jean-Phillippe Thelliez

The Costa Rican Brush Finch (Arremon costaricensis) is primarily a secretive ground dwelling or dense understory bird. Similar Coto Brus birds: Black-stripped Sparrow, Orange-billed Sparrow.

What visual clues did our Quiz Bird photo offer to ensure a proper ID?

All white throat.

Thick black mask (only partially seen in quiz photo).

Greenish back.

Thank you all for participating. Complete photo of the Costa Rican Brush Finch shown below; courtesy of Gail-Hewson Hull.

Quiz Bird from June 7: The Answer

Jo Davidson, Terri Peterson and Alison Olivieri all correctly identified our June 7th Quiz Bird as the…


Well done.  And Ms. Peterson also chipped in with a very good point; not too long ago the Wrenthrush had a MUCH prettier name–the Zeledonia.  So look for the beautiful Wrenthrush next time you’re up in the higher altitudes.

FYI: Send your photos that may serve as a challenging Quiz Bird to:


Quiz Bird: June 7, 2019

Unlike most of our Quiz Bird photos, this photo is perfectly composed, lighted and framed.  You can clearly see every aspect of this Quiz Bird!

However, to see this bird you must leave San Vito and go up, up, up into higher altitudes.  Look around stands of bamboo, fairly close to the ground and you may spot the beautiful…???

Send your answers to:

(photo courtesy of John Missing, forwarded from Gail Hull)


Quiz Bird Answer! May 18th Posting

This was a difficult Quiz Bird.  We did have one correct guess on Facebook from the great and powerful Gabriel Calvo, who correctly identified the…NORTHERN SCHIFFORNIS.

I often refer the Northern Schiffornis as a ‘birder’s bird’, due its rather monotonous  plumage, sluggish behavior and secretive lifestyle.  The Northern Schiffornis definitely does not fall into the ‘charismatic’ category.  But it has a jolly good song!  Click in the ‘Listen’ button in the lower right of the screen (below).

Plus, no one (not even those wacky taxonomists) has ever really known what to call it.  Not long ago it was known as the Thrushlike Schiffornis and before that it was thought to be some sort of Manakin

Is it a Flycatcher?  Is it a Becard?  Is it a Manakin? Is it a Thrush?  Nope.  It is our one-and-only Northern Schiffornis.

(photo courtesy of Randall Jimenez)


Bird Quiz Winner for May 2019!

Congratulations to Leticia Andino for correctly identifying our Quiz Bird for May 2019; the INCA DOVE.

About the same size and of similar behavior as our extremely common Ruddy Ground Dove, the Inca Dove is a regular resident in the dry country of Guanacaste.

Well done Lety!


Quiz Bird for May 2019!

This month’s quiz bird isn’t seen in San Vito.  It has been spotted down the hill around Coto 47.  Could this bird be another species that is expanding its range?  I hope so!

Send your best guess to:

(photo courtesy of Alison Olivieri)

(Last quiz bird photo, Cooper’s Hawk, courtesy of Gail Hull)


Quiz Bird Winner!

Congratulations to the great and powerful Randall Jimenez for submitting the first correct answer to our April 2019 Quiz Bird.

Randall (from the Pajareros del Sur) correctly identified the Cooper’s Hawk.  This medium-sized Accipiter hawk is occasionally seen in San Vito during its migration north.

We also had guesses of Sharp-shinned Hawk.  The ‘Sharpie’, though slightly smaller than the Cooper’s, looks very, very similar.  The most significant difference between the two species is the rounded tail of the Cooper’s Hawk; the Sharp-shinned has a squared off distal end of the long tail.  (see below)

Again, please join me in congratulating Randall Jimenez.

(Cooper’s Hawk tail on L–Sharp-shinned tail on R)