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HH3_100220_5358 Please join the San Vito Bird Club. We have four types of memberships:

  • Resident Individual for $25
  • Resident Family for $50
  • International Individual for $20
  • International Family for $40

Resident membership is for those whose primary residence is in Costa Rica; International membership is for everyone else. (Our Resident memberships cost more simply because those who live here are able to use more of their member benefits and club resources than those who don’t.)

Individual memberships are for one person; Family memberships are for members of your immediate family (your spouse/partner and your children).

If you haven’t already read about how we use membership dues and the benefits of membership, please click here.

Join by using PayPal. The easiest way to join the San Vito Bird Club is by clicking on one of the buttons below to pay your membership dues using PayPal. PayPal will notify us of your membership payment and contact details.
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Resident Individual Membership

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Resident Family Membership

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International Individual Membership

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International Family Membership

However, if you’d rather hand us your dues in person, mail us a check or have any questions or comments about the Club or membership, please fill out the form below and click the Submit button at the bottom. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you!