Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Judy Richardson who correctly identified the butterfly from our Father’s Day Bird Walk at the Wilson Botanical Garden as a male Surprising White, Pereute charops. Male and female butterflies often look identical so how did she know? Well, she’s a butterfly whiz and the females apparently have red stripes! According to a website called, it is also known as a Darkened White. When Judy next arrives in San Vito, we will treat her to a glass of wine for her efforts.

Not to leave you hanging from that last post, here is a photo of the Lesser Goldfinch (Spinus psaltria) from a website called This was one of the three species we don’t often see and we didn’t want you to miss out on its striking looks:

Editor’s note: apologies to Leandro Barrantes who is in his first year of teenagism — he is 13, not 9, and I don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote that post.

Quiz Bird #2 Revealed/La Respuesta del Prueba #2!

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Quiz Bird #2 had nine entries, two of which were correct: Lesser Goldfinch (Carduelis psaltria).

Lesser Goldfinch photographed by Jo Davidson.

Lesser Goldfinch photographed by Jo Davidson.

Our Official Winner is Suzanne Gross of Piedades, Santa Ana, who came on one of our walks at the Wilson Garden last December. Due to the difficulty of mailing cookies from San Vito, Suzanne has generously donated her one dozen Chocolate Chips to our next Bird Walk at the Wilson Garden.

Other entries included two orioles, two tanagers, a vireo, a warbler and a seedeater.

Thanks for a great job Photographer Jo Davidson on making sure the bill was hidden behind a leaf: we fooled everybody except Suzanne and member Jim Zook.

Gracias a nuestra miembre Jo Davidson para su foto de un Carduelis psaltria!

Tuvimos mas respuestas este vez, pero solo dos de nueve estaban correctos.

Felicidades a Suzanne Gross de Piedades, Santa Ana: su respuesta estaba correcto: Lesser Goldfinch!