Members: send us your photos for our Photos of the Week page!


Send us a couple of your favorite nature photos each week. (But no more than two a week, please!) We’ll select those photos we like best and post them on the website! Selected photos will be captioned with credit given to the photographer.

Brag to your family and friends!  ‘Yeah, I just had some of my photos published on a major internationally known nature website!’ (Click here to go to our POW! page and see these now-famous photographers’ work for yourself.)

Some useful info about POW!

  • Nature photos only, please.  (Cute babies, adorable kittens, your just washed and waxed car or selfies may be fascinating…just not suitable here.)
  • Photos of birds and landscapes of our Coto Brus region–are the preferred subjects. If you have a great shot of Bald Eagle taken in California, that’s fine, but birds that live or visit us here in Coto Brus will have an edge.
  • Check out past POW! selections before choosing which of your photos to send. It’s best not to duplicate a bird species recently selected unless it’s an exceptionally interesting or different image. And seeing previous selections may give you an idea of what appeals to our judges.
  • For our POW! feature, a week runs from Monday through Sunday. We try to announce our selections by the following Wednesday in a post and email to all members. But we can’t promise to always be on time, so please be patient…
  • Please email us your photos (they must be in digital form, of course) in the best quality you can in JPG/JPEG or TIFF format. If you have a photo-editing or email program that offers you various sizes or qualities when saving or sending your photo, choose the best setting. For example, a 2.5MB-size photo is much better for us than a 200kb photo.
  • If one of your photos is selected—either for the week it’s submitted or in a future week–we’ll let you know by email.
  • Please keep sending in new photos, but remember, no more than two a week. And we ask you not to resubmit the same photo in different weeks. We do keep some photos we like for possible future selection, so resubmitting a photo doesn’t improve your chances.

Keep in mind:

To participate in POW!, you must be a SVBC member over 18 years old. (Click here for membership information and to join.)

By sending your photos, you give us permission to post them. We may do some minor cropping or editing. Please read our complete Photo Submission Policy here.

Send your photos to:

We strive to acknowledge receipt of your submission within a few days.


Bay-headed Tanager (Photo by Jeff Worman)

Bay-headed Tanager.                      Photo by Jeff Worman.