Mixed Up Birds–A New Contest!/Pajaros Mezclados!

Cabin fever getting to you?  Tired of counting the flowers on the wallpaper?

The San Vito Bird Club is here for you with a fun new, new, new contest!

We call it ‘MIXED UP BIRDS’.

Below you will see ten birds that are found around here…but the letters have been all mixed up.  Your job is to rearrange the letters into the correct bird name.


erased tee = Seedeater

Some may be quite easy, others not so much.  As a tie-breaker, an eleventh bird is included at the bottom  This one could be much harder (hint: it is two words). Good luck!

Send your answers to:



Esta usted cansado de contar las flores en su fondo de pantalla?

El Club de Aves de San Vito tiene una concurso nuevo y divertido!

“Pajaros Mezclados”/Mixed Up Birds

Abajo hay diez nombres de pajaros comun de Coto Brus; pero las letras son mezclan. El objecto es cambiar las letras a nombre del pajaro.

Ejemplo: erased tee = Seedeater

Muy buena suerte! Tambien hay #11 que es mas dificil de las otras (es dos palabras).

Envia sus repuestas a:



  1. brawler
  2. the calf cry
  3. greet
  4. brand it
  5. dumb grin him
  6. aqua rep
  7. i amount
  8. serf hiking
  9. a garnet
  10. A man ink

#11: Tie-breaker Challenge:   GRACIOUS QUOTIENT 

(photo courtesy of Jean-Philippe Thelliez. This bird is not one of the answers.)