Answer to Sept. 11 Quiz Bird

Congratulations to the following SVBC members for correctly identifying our Quiz Bird for Sept 11, 2019 as, the Costa Rican Brush Finch:

Julie Wooley–Randall Jimenez–Christopher Stamp–Jean-Phillippe Thelliez

The Costa Rican Brush Finch (Arremon costaricensis) is primarily a secretive ground dwelling or dense understory bird. Similar Coto Brus birds: Black-stripped Sparrow, Orange-billed Sparrow.

What visual clues did our Quiz Bird photo offer to ensure a proper ID?

All white throat.

Thick black mask (only partially seen in quiz photo).

Greenish back.

Thank you all for participating. Complete photo of the Costa Rican Brush Finch shown below; courtesy of Gail-Hewson Hull.