Mixed Up Birds (now…Bird Jumble) #1: Answers and Winners!

‘Mixed Up Birds’, our challenging new game will now be known as ‘Bird Jumble’ (thanks to Alison Olivieri).

The winners of Bird Jumble #1, submitted at almost at the exact same time:

The speedy and powerful Georgea Badilla and the patient and tenacious Jo Davidson. Congratulations to you both.

Here are the correct answers to Bird Jumble #1:

  1. brawler = warbler
  2. the calf cry = flycatcher
  3. greet = egret
  4. brand it = antbird
  5. dumb grin him = hummingbird
  6. aqua rep = paraque
  7. i amount = tinamou
  8. serf hiking = kingfisher
  9. a garnet = tanager
  10. a man ink = manakin
  11. Tie-breaker Challenge:   GRACIOUS QUOTIENT = Turquoise Cotinga

Please see our page for Bird Jumble #2 tomorrow.