Quiz Bird for July 22, 2019

Most of our Quiz Birds are shown through a photograph that displays only part of the bird; or from an odd angle; or with imperfect lighting.

Not this one!

Shown below is a near perfect photograph of our new Quiz Bird.

If you can identify this bird send your answer to:


Good luck.

(photo courtesy of Pepe Castiblanco, taken in Coto Brus)

July 7 Quiz Bird: the Answer?

We had some very learned guesses to the July 7th Quiz Bird but unfortunately none were correct.

The lack of correct guesses may be due to my bad drawing (see below).

The correct answer is–Marbled Wood Quail! See, there are actually two birds feeding on the ground.

Stay tuned for our next (and real) Quiz Bird coming on Monday, July 23.

Quiz Bird for July 7, 2019

This Quiz Bird may be rather difficult to identify. Shown below is not a photograph; it is a drawing, made from a distant sighting.

If you can identify this bird send your response to:


Or even better…send me proper Quiz Bird photograph and maybe we’ll use it!

Pop Quiz: What Bird Is This?/Una prueba: cual ave es?

Sigue en espanol

OK — ready? First person to correctly identify this bird wins a prize: one dozen home-made Chocolate Chip Cookies! Ummmmm, I can smell them right now baking away in the oven.

Quiz Bird! Photo by Jo Davidson

Quiz Bird! Photo by Jo Davidson

Listo? Identificar este ave y gana 12 galletas de chocolate, hizo de mano! Ellas estan en el horno ahora — mmmmm, huelan rico!

SEND YOUR ANSWER to: sanvitobirdclub@gmail.com or click here to contact us.

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