Friends From Afar — We’ve Got Mail!

Greetings, members of the SVBC:

We wish to convey to you all our sincere thanks for the welcome that the SVBC members extended to us during our recent visit to San Vito this past March. Our little group of six was comprised of short term visitors (a few days for four of us; an additional couple of weeks for two of us). Although there was only one formal SVBC member among us, we were all treated as regulars and included in a delightful variety of birding adventures: the walk and brunch at Cecilia Sansonetti’s beautiful finca; the walks at Cántaros (with the opportunity to meet new owner, Lilly, and managers, Yei and Marylin); the tense photo competitions, the awards, the refreshments, etc.

Greg Homer took two of us on an early morning walk to Tres Rios in search of, among other birds, the albino vultures. Peter Wendell gave us a primer on using eBird. Alison Olivieri gave us perfect directions to Rio Negro. And everyone else was equally gracious. We were also impressed with the club’s industriousness—from its nascent effort to merge with the Pajareros del Sur, to the continuing inclusion of young birders, the involvement with the local schools and the Detectives de Aves education progam. You folks gave us all great memories of San Vito, its birds and its birders. Thank you! 

David and Audrey Fielding, on our own behalf and on behalf of our friends: David Rorick, Sandra Braden, John Denvir and Miriam Rokeach.

David and Audrey Fielding, members from San Francisco


PS – It must be about time to renew our membership, so for David & Audrey Fielding, our check is in the mail (via Paypal).

The SVBC responds: this is the nicest news we’ve had in forever, so thank you both for your note and your Membership Renewal.

Reminder: Bird Walk Tomorrow / Aviso: Caminata para ver aves mañana

There will be a bird walk tomorrow at the Wilson Botanical Garden. We will meet at the reception at 6:00 AM for a quiet walk, and again at 7:30 AM to join up with the kids, etc. There will be coffee in the comedor afterwards. See you there!

Habrá una caminata para ver aves mañana al jardín botánico Wilson. Reuniremos a la recepción a las 6:00 AM para una camininata tranquila, y también a las 7:30 AM para juntarnos con los jovenes, etcétera. Tomaremos un café en el comdeor después. ¡Hasta mañana!

Bird Walk this Sunday!–¡Caminata para ver aves el próximo domingo!

We will be having a walk this Sunday April 7th at the Wilson Botanical Garden. This will be another double walk, with one walk starting at 6 AM for more the serious and experienced birders, and another starting at 7:30 AM for kids, newbies, late-sleepers, etc. Everyone is welcome. Binoculars and field guides will be available as always. Please join us to view the wonderful birds of the WBG!

Habrá una caminata para ver aves el próximo domingo el 7 de abril al jardín botánico Wilson. Será una caminata doble, una empezando a las 6:00 AM para los pajareros mas experimentados. La otra empezerá a las 7:30 AM para los jovenes, novatos, etcétera.Todo el público será bienvendido. Tendremos binoculares y guías de campo para prestar, como siempre. ¡Por favor júntese con nosotros para ver las aves bonitas del jardín botánico Wilson!

Bird Walk this Saturday!–¡Caminata para ver aves el próximo sábado!

We will be having a walk this Saturday the 23rd at Finca Cántaros. It will start at 7:30 AM and is open to the general public. Binoculars and field guides will be available as always. Please join us to view the wonderful birds and gardens of Finca Cántaros!

Habrá una caminata para ver aves el próximo sábado el 23 a la Finca Cántaros. Empezará a las 7:30 AM, y todo el público sería bienvendido. Tendremos binoculares y guías de campo para prestar, como siempre. ¡Por favor júntese con nosotros para ver las aves y jardines maravillosos de la Finca Cántaros!

Binocular Fund Raising Campaign 2019

As most all of you know, the San Vito Bird Club is actively involved in offering the Detectives de aves course in several schools each year in Coto Brus. Last year we were in 9 schools and offered the course during the winter break at finca Cántaros as well. For more information about the course you can go here.

A critical part of the curriculum is teaching the kids to use binoculars and giving them plenty of opportunity to use them to birds up close, and learn more about their behavior and how to identify them. However, we need to grow our supply of binoculars in order to add more teachers and schools, and to replace older binoculars that are no longer in good condition. We are adding at least one new teacher this year. Over the last couple of years we have had the chance to evaluate several types of binoculars for the kids and have found the Celestron Outland X 8×42 binoculars to be an excellent value and a very good performer. For between $50-$60 they are a real bargain. Up to now we have accumulated 17 pairs of these binoculars from the generous contributions and courier services of our members. I would really like to increase this to 44. This number will allow us to have two complete sets of 20 so that we can teach the course in two schools with two different teachers at the same time, plus 10% for inevitable breakage.

How can you help? We need two kinds of assistance, money and transport, and both are important. Shipping the binoculars to Costa Rica will add about 40% to the price. I would rather spend that money on more binoculars, or more classes. By far the cheapest way to get them is to buy them from Amazon, or another seller, for delivery in North America, and bring them here in small batches in personal luggage. Those of you who travel regularly to the States and Canada, or who have friends that do, can help out. You don’t need to buy the binoculars yourself, although that would also be nice! The Club can help out with the cost, but we do need your suitcase! I have created a Google form that those who can help can fill out so I can contact them directly. You can access the form here, and you can contact me with any questions here.

I will be posting regular updates on our progress on the homepage of the website. Thank you for your support.

Thank You!

I just wanted to say a big Thank You! to all of our members who have supported the club over the last year. We couldn’t have done anything without you. The Detectives de aves program continues to be a big success, and we are looking forward to more community outreach and involvement this year and in the years to come, ojalá. Feel free to contact me anytime here with questions, suggestions, or whatever.

Peter Wendell

Bird Walk This Sunday!

Please join us for a Bird Walk this Sunday, March 10th at the finca of Cecilia Sansoneti. This will be a joint walk with the Pajareros del sur.. We will have a walk at 6 AM for more serious birders, and then will meet up with the kids, newcomers, late sleepers, etc. at 7:30 AM. There will be coffee afterwards, and probably some snacks. Cecilia’s finca is here It is about 1km on the lastre road next to the Finca Cántaros bus stop. Please park in the open area just inside the gate. Binoculars and guides will be provided, as always.

We look forward to seeing you! Thanks Ceci!

Join Us for Our Annual Meeting!

The Annual Meeting of the San Vito Bird Club is this Sunday, March 3rd at the Cascata del Bosco in Las Cruces. The events start at 8:30 AM. In addition to our usual business, we will be having another Silent Auction of artwork made by Bird Club members, and what I’m sure will be an exciting talk by Patrick O’Donnell, a very acomplished Costa Rican Birder.

Their will be coffee for all, and an optional, delicious brunch, including blueberry muffins, quiche, bacon, etc. for ¢7.000.

The meeting is open to all members who have paid their 2019 dues. Any who have forgotten to pay, can do so on the day of the meeting. I really hope that you will be able to take time away from your busy schedules to attend, touch base with your fellow members, and learn about what we’ve been doing during the last year, and what we have planned for 2019.

See you Sunday!

SVBC Annual Meeting 2019!

All SVBC members, please join the San Vito Bird Club for our Annual Meeting on Sunday, March 3rd at Cascata del Bosco.  Coffee and social time begins at 8:30am.  Meeting begins at 9am.  Following the meeting, another delicious full brunch from Cascata is offered for c6000 (including BLUEBERRY MUFFINS!) and begins at 10:30am.

Our Keynote speaker this year is Patrick O’Donnell, an extremely accomplished Costa Rican birder. You can check out his web page here if you want to a get a better idea of what to look forward to.

To attend the Annual Meeting you MUST have your 2019 dues paid in full.  You may do so, if necessary, at the door when you arrive for the meeting.

In addition to our regular SVBC business and reports, we will have a silent auction of original artwork from SVBC members and an awards ceremony for the Bird Feeder Contest!

Please join us for a fun and informative morning.

More to follow.