2nd Annual Big Birdfeeder Competition/2ª Gran Competencia Anual de Comederos de Pájaros!

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This year’s Big Birdfeeder Competition will run from January 14 through February 14 – one month to watch your feeder and make a list of all the species you see landing there or foraging underneath.

“Bird feeder” is defined by fruit (or other appropriate bird food) placed in the same spot for the duration of the contest. The odd hummingbird (or other non-feeding species) that lands on the feeder can be counted as can any bird that actively feeds on dropped scraps underneath but you may NOT count a bird randomly hopping under the feeder with no active feeding behavior.

Fiery-billed Aracari, first class feeder bird. Photo by Terry Farling.

Fiery-billed Aracari, first class feeder bird. Photo by Terry Farling.

Member Pat Morgan won the First Competition last year with 25 species! Let’s see if you can beat her record in 2015!

Please submit your list by February 19 to sanvitobirdclub@gmail.com – the winner will be announced (and prizes handed out) at the 2015 Annual Meeting on February 21.


Este año la Gran Competencia de Comederos de Pájaros será desde el 14 de enero hasta el 14 de febrero – un mes para observar su comedero y hacer una lista de todas las especies que vea posándose o buscando alimento en él.

Un “Comedero de Pájaros” comprende fruta (u otro alimento apropiado para pájaros) colocado en el mismo lugar durante todo el concurso. El extraño colibrí que se pose en el comedero (o otro especies solo visitando) puede ser contado como cualquier otro pájaro que se alimenta activamente de los residuos caídos del comedero pero no puede contarse un pájaro que brinca de forma espontánea bajo el alimentador sin mostrar comportamiento alguno de estarse alimentando activamente.

¡La miembro Pat Morgan ganó la Primera Competencia el año pasado con 25 especies! ¡Vamos a ver si usted puede batir su record en 2015!

Por favor envíe su lista antes del 19 de febrero a sanvitobirdclub@gmail.com – el ganador será anunciado (con premios) en la Reunión Anual 2015 el 21 de febrero.


Big Birdfeeder Competition Closing Dec. 31, 2013

Tropical Mockingbird, Julie Girard's ace of trump. (Photo by Julie Girard)

Tropical Mockingbird, Julie Girard’s ace of trump. (Photo by Julie Girard)

Don’t forget to send us your Birdfeeder List for the Big Birdfeeder Competition by the end of this month — December 31, 2013. We’ll have a nice prize waiting for you at the SVBC Annual Meeting in February!

So far, we have three ‘official’ entries and two ‘unofficial’ entries so please send us your completed list TODAY!

You have only SIX days left to submit your list to us at: sanvitobirdclub@gmail.com




Join the Big Birdfeeder Competition 2013!

From now until December 31, we’re having a Big Birdfeeder Competition: count all the species of birds visiting your feeder between now and then and send us your list by clicking here.

The rules are simple! You can count any species you are able to identify with certainty that lands on your feeder or on the ground under the feeder provided it is eating fallen scraps and not insects or something else. In the interests of fairness, the birding experts of the Club will review the final lists and remove species they feel have been mis-identified based on their knowledge of the birds of our area.

Just to get your competitive juices flowing here’s the current score, as of this post: Finca Cantaros is in the lead with 22 species, Pat Morgan claims second place with 21 and our own Finca Corteza is in third place with 15.

But, we have a month and a half to go so put on your binos, grab a pencil and paper, take out your field guide and get to work!

Please submit your completed entry by midnight on December 31st via email by clicking here. The winner will be announced by January 7, 2014. A prize (or prizes in case of a tie) will be awarded at the Annual Meeting in February 2014.