P.O.W.-Week #26/F.D.L.S.-Semana #26

Congratulations/Felicidades a Gail Hull y Jo Davidson!

Theme: Bien venido a San Vito!/Welcome to San Vito!

Photo #1: Tropical Mockingbird (taken on the terrace of Las Cruces).  Photo courtesy of Jo Davidson.


Photo #2: Black-bellied Whistling Ducks (taken on the lake a Finca Cantaros).  Photo courtesy of Gail Hull.


P.O.W.-Week #23/F.D.L.S.-Semana #23

Congratulations/Felicidades a Gail Hull y Sarah Beeson-Jones!

Theme: Easy to ID vs. Hard to ID

Photo #1: Rose-breasted Grosbeak–easy to ID (photo by Gail Hull)


Photo #2: Empidonax flycatcher; possibly/probably? White-throated Flycatcher–hard to ID (photo by Sarah Beeson-Jones)


P.O.W.-Week #21/F.D.L.S.-Semana #21

Congratulations/Felicidades a Troy Edson-Smith y Tom Wilkinson!

Theme: Strange Views/Extrana perspectivas

Photo #1: Two-headed vulture / Zopilote con dos cabezas (photo by Tom Wilkinson)


Photo #2: A worm for breakfast / Un gusano por el desayuno. (photo by Troy Edson-Smith)


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