A Photo Album from SVBC Member Jean-Philippe Thelliez

Always energetic, Jean-Philippe Thelliez travels the world in search of nature photo opportunities. Submitted by Jean-Philippe himself, here are five recent photos taken in Columbia, Panama and Costa Rica.

(All photos taken by Jean-Philippe Thelliez)

Photo #1: The Hoatzin-Columbia

Living along riparian forests in the Amazon basin, the Hoatzin has been called ‘…the reptile bird’. Young Hoatzins actually have vestigial claws on their wings, allowing them to climb away from threats. Not surprisingly, this odd looking bird is only member of the taxonomic family Opisthocomidae.

Photo #2: The Andean Cock-of-the-Rock-Columbia

What female could fail to be impressed by this male Andean Cock-of-the-Rock? Yes, it does have a bill in there somewhere

Photo #3: Harpy Eagle-Panama

For many treetop monkeys and sloths, the massive (2nd largest raptor in the world) Harpy Eagle is the last thing they ever see. Open your hand and spread your fingers as wide as you can; the Harpy Eagle’s claws are bigger!

Photo #4: Three-wattled Bellbird-Costa Rica

‘BONG’ Spend a little time up in the highlands around San Vito and you’ll probably hear the male Three-wattled Bellbird give its echoing and eerie call.

Photo #5: Plumbeous Kite-Costa Rica

Our fifth and final bird is the Plumbeous Kite. This particular bird appears to be bowing a polite ‘thank you’ for viewing these wonderful photos. The Plumbeous Kite also wishes to remind all of you to remain healthy, safe, patient and most importantly…ACTIVE!

(descriptions by Greg Homer)