Tiny Moments: Rabbit Season

(from SVBC member Judy Richardson)

Does Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter ring any bells?

I’m back in CT, and raring to go! One look at the weeds,  already six inches tall,  reminds me that I returned two weeks later this year. I’m already that much behind with my Lettuce seeds and the other cold hearty veggies. I arrived to summer- like temps in the 80s and couldn’t wait to get things started.

While enjoying the Daffodils and Tulips in bloom, I turned over the beds and planted my seeds. it’s been dry and rain was expected.  Exhausted but happy I got the job done, I went down to the end of the raised bed where the Thyme and Marjoram were. I wanted to trim them back.

To my surprise, I lifted the dead bits and found a nest with the four baby rabbits ! I caught two and one raced out and hid in the garden. The fourth, must have been Peter, stayed put.
I found my have- a -heart trap and put them in jail! It sounds heartless, but each spring we have bunnies about,  and these were big enough for their next adventure. I returned to collect the one who ran to the flower garden and added him to the trap. Back at the den, Peter had made a run for it and I couldn’t find him anywhere.

I jumped in the car with a brown paper bag covering the trap,  a bowl for water, a piece of lettuce, and the nesting material from their den. Off we drove to CT Audubon Birdcraft Museum where I band birds. There is splendid rabbit habitat  in a protected tract of land that is  too small for Fox or Coyotes and is fenced for deer. I found a nice tangle, set up their new residence in the paper bag with the nest,  and bade them farewell. I checked this morning and they are all gone , pruning the tangle and tasting spring grass, I assume. The Easter bunnies who stayed!

(photo courtesy of Judy Richardson)

(courtesy of Warner Brothers)