Tiny Moments: Tody Activity

(from SVBC member Judy Richardson)

I’ve been waiting anxiously for Mrs.Common Tody Flycatcher to take up residence in the nest that took ages to build. Last week, all went quiet,  no action for several days. I was sad, and kept looking as they are such adorable birds, so busy and friendly.

I was rewarded as I saw them back, but working on a new nest just 6 feet away. This time the nest is hanging in plain view from the arbor at the pool!

I figure it must be the same pair, birds being territorial when it comes to breeding. Could it be that Mrs. didn’t like the first nest? I know Wrens make several from which the female chooses. Is it another pair and the first abandoned the site?
For sure a mystery that could only be solved if the bird was banded. This Bird Bander is frustrated!

I will have to be happy watching the action from here on!

Common Tody Flycatcher: (eBird)