Be careful flying home and be sure to come back.

Every September we look forward to the many species of migratory birds as they begin to arrive in San Vito. Their arrival helps us mark the passage of time. (In years past, the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition was another such marker of time’s passage.)

Now, it is April and so we must say ‘adios’, ‘goodbye’, ‘adieu’, ‘arrivederci’, ‘sayonara’, and ‘aloha’ to our avian chums as they head north (and some of them south) to raise their families; a long and perilous journey.

Be assured, we will keep the metaphorical ‘Welcome’ sign in the metaphorical window as we look forward to their return next September.

Tempus fugit (time flies).

Cedar Waxwings, northern migrant birds. Photo courtesy of Helen LeVasseur.