Tiny Moments: ‘That’s no hummingbird!’

(from SVBC members David and Audrey Fielding)

Five of us were birding together along the dirt roads of a tiny Mexican village near
the town of San Blas—three to four blocks of makeshift houses, dusty yards,
scruffy trees, blossoming grasses and bushes with the promise of maybe a painted
bunting. Suddenly, one of the group let out a cry, “HUMMER!” We all converged
to peek around a bush in the backyard of one of the houses in search of the flutter
of a close-by hummer. Jane was the one who called it out. And for the rest of her
life, Jane has never lived down the ignominy and spirited laughter of the rest of us
when we rounded the bush and there found a contented pig, nuzzling a pile of
garbage while gently snorting, sounding not unlike the familiar wingbeat of a

Photo courtesy of David and Audrey Fielding.