Your Weekly–‘Tiny Moment’

From SVBC Charter Member and long-time patron of SVBC projects, Julie Girard-Woolley.


I thought you’d get a kick out of this…I was on the golf course with Dave this afternoon and a little bird was on the ground.  I got closer and realized it was a baby Baltimore Oriole.  Next thing I know it is hopping onto my golf bag and had perched itself on the handles of my cart.  Mommy was calling it, she had food in her mouth.  Poor little thing didn’t have enough energy or I don’t know what to get going.  It was my turn to play, so I had to advance my bag.  The little guy took a ride with me and never moved.  I then put my hand by him (or her) and it hopped on!  I gently brought it over to a tree and it got onto a branch.  It made my day!!!  I had a real birdie on the golf course.


Baby Baltimore Oriole: Photos from Julie Girard