Tiny Birds, Tiny Moment

This Tiny Moment comes to us from across the Atlantic Ocean; we thank UK resident and International Member Charles Jones.


Stepping out one recent morning with my little dog and trusty blackthorn walking stick, I noticed a louder-than-normal round of singing from the House Wrens that frequent a drainpipe out near our garbage can grouping.

House Wren photo by Jo Davidson

At just the right moment, my dog became fascinated with a blade of grass…so I could actually look up in time to see a baby wren fledge from its drainpipe nest and careen onto the ground!

Luckily, a passing scent caught the dog’s attention because then two more fledglings bravely flew out. For a few moments it was sheer pandemonium as the fledglings tried to get their bearings, with the parents flying about to and fro…to and fro. Finally, the five of them gathered their wits and flew across the road to relative safety.


At the same time when those House Wrens were fledging in Cambridge, England and our sharp-eyed friend Charles Jones was viewing their activity, Michael and I watched a similar House Wren drama unfold in our very own San Vito garden…with a cup of English tea.