A Donation for Transportation

We are the recent lucky recipients of a sizeable gift from Nancy Nelson and Dan Fender, earmarked to pay for transporting the Detectives de Aves teachers who are spreading out all over Coto Brus. From Chánguena to Mellizas, from Agua Buena to La Casona, this talented and dedicated group is on the move and it is expensive!

Nancy and Dan have been volunteers, members and supporters of the SVBC since our mist netting project that ran from 2003-2013 and the Detectives de Aves program from then until now. That is what? About 20 years of generous help? So, when they asked how they could help this year we said, “Please buy us a car!”

No, we didn’t really say that — but we did plead for money to provide gas and expense reimbursement for one teacher who has a car and funds to help the others with bus fares, ride sharing and occasional taxis.

Here’s where you come in: could you match some of these funds? Nancy and Dan donated $1,000+. Two anonymous donors have stepped in with $100 apiece so now we have $1,300+ tucked safely into the budget. If we could leverage Nancy and Dan’s gift to $2,000 we would have no transport worries for some time to come.

Nancy and Dan, SVBC Transport Heroes!