Greetings of the Season and Two Presents for You

We wish you Happy Holidays with some hope on the horizon. Here are two fun gifts from us to you:

1) No Membership Dues for 2020. If you were thoughtful enough to send dues this year, we will extend them to 2021 when we hope to offer Bird Walks, Outings to local hotspots, the Annual Meeting, other Special Events and Detectives de Aves classes in local schools.

2) A rooted, ready-to-plant Hampea appendiculata, full of brown clusters of fruit at this time of year and feeding tyrannulets, warblers, flycatchers, tanagers, thrushes, saltators, motmots, aracaris and toucans! If you don’t have one of these in your garden, you DO want one — trust us. It’s a small, thin tree and doesn’t get super tall so all these birds are readily seen.

Please send an email to: to place your order!

It’s a Hampea Holiday!

Special thanks to Harry Hull for his festivication of the Hampea photo.

Happy Birding! High Hopes for 2021!