Where We Bird: A San Vito Bird Club Guide to Our Coto Brus Hot Spots (coming soon)

Beginning Jan. 1, 2021 we’ll be presenting a series of bi-monthly articles we call ‘Where We Bird’. In each article you’ll read a brief description of a particular birding locale from our area and more importantly…you’ll see several photos of the birds frequently (or infrequently) seen at that site. Photos are taken by SVBC members and by our colleagues from the Pajareros del Sur. Here are just a few of the birding sites we’ll be sharing with you:

Las Cruces/Wilson Botanical Gardens

The Magic Road/Camino Majico

Finca Cantaros Environmental Center

Rio Negro

The Porro Road

Cerro Paraguas

Coto 47

We hope you’ll enjoy these articles and the photos!