Tiny Moments: A Front Row Seat

(from SVBC Member Judy Richardson)

Relaxing on the sofa one afternoon, I spied a Golden hooded Tanager peeking in a hole below a Bromeliad, about 20 feet up. Then I realized that it was inspecting it for a nest. The mate sat on a branch above, awaiting the decision. Seems that she liked it , I was secretly crossing fingers, as today they were back but with bits of plant material in their beaks! Aren’t I lucky to have a front row seat to watch the action!

But wait, today I was at the pool and couldn’t miss a tiny Common Today Flycatcher weaving a hangy down nest from a branch only 5 feet above the ground! Only half done, it’s nearly in the same spot as last year’s. A lot of plant fibers and spider webs are holding it together. I’d like to be a baby rocking in that nest when he’s done.

It seems everywhere I look, new families have moved in, all furiously working on the new generation.

Judy Richardson, photo by Juan Carlos Calvachi