Your Weekly–‘Tiny Moment’

Like most people who drive I only go into my local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office once, every five years, to renew my driver’s license. I just got back.

This visit was a very disappointing experience; very disappointing.

There was no waiting in a long line with a bunch of other grumbling customers. No screaming kids. The whole driver’s license renewal process only took about 15 minutes. The guy behind the DMV counter was very nice and efficient; even funny a couple of times. No novice drivers ran me down in the parking lot, taking their driver’s test.

I’m disappointed because this DMV visit generated no whimsical anecdotes for me to share! NONE! Maybe my next visit in five years will; hope so.

Oh, just make this piece qualify as a ‘Tiny Moment’; there were no birds inside the DMV but I did see a few finches out in the parking lot.