La Rojita is in San Vito

Welcoming migrant birds in September and October is such a pleasure! Black-and-whites, Chestnut-sideds, Golden-wingeds — these small and fearless flyers have made it back again!

This week a Summer Tanager — La Rojita — arrived in our garden with its cheerful ‘picky-tuk’ call and bright red feathers.

Summer Tanager, photo by Julie Girard

Each of these arrivals is a miracle. Flying thousands of miles with hunger, muscle fatigue, bad weather … how does it even happen?

Let 2023 be a special year for these visiting migrants and bring some joy and peace to all.

We plan to augment occasional Bird Walks with butterfly and plant experts and to add outings to special ‘birdy’ places we haven’t visited in recent years.

Please help us with these plans by sending your annual dues for 2023. You can click on the Support the Club button found below or on the website’s Home Page ( and pay via PayPal or credit card.

Or bring cash to a Bird Walk — the dues are: $25 resident individual, in colones C15,500; $50 resident family, in colones C30,000 OR $20 international individual and $40 international family.

We look forward to spending more time together in our favorite pursuit.