‘They get wet.’

‘Ahhh, what happens to the poor little birds when it rains this hard and this long?’

(My answer is in the title above)

There’s nothing wrong with getting wet! Birds are homeothermic (warm blooded) just like we are and the monkeys are and the agoutis are and the bats are. We all generate own own body heat and have the ability to maintain an almost constant temperature; it’s like having an ‘internal thermostat’.

But that internal thermostat will cease to function if isn’t fed. Calories are required. Birds must eat.

So during these extended and intense rainstorms we’ve been having don’t worry too much about the birds. They know what they’re doing.

And here’s a bird watching tip: When the intense rain slows down or stops, get out there and look around. You’ll likely see lots of birds coming out to get a quick bite to eat.

And if you get wet…don’t worry! Dry off and have a bowl of hot oatmeal. You’ll be fine. Worrying about getting wet is much worse for your health than getting wet.

When it rains, it pours.