Your Bi-Weekly–‘Tiny Moment’

From SVBC member Helen LeVasseur

A few years ago a pair of Roadside Hawks nested on our property in San Vito.  We often heard those distinctive calls, occasionally spotting the pair in the late afternoon.  But it was their single offspring that captured our attention.

This bold young hawk often perched in a tree close to our front door, silently making his presence known as we performed our routine activities.  Periodically, he would swoop low over our heads as we made our way out of the house.  One afternoon, I realized that he was perched on our back porch railing.  As I slowly entered our bedroom, I saw he had changed position and was now facing me from the window sill. The youngster perched there and scrutinized the bird he saw reflected in the glass.

It was a thrilling moment.  In a sense for those few weeks, we participated with the parents in this fledgling’s development and it filled me with family pride.  

Roadside Hawk, taken through a very wet window; photo courtesy of Helen LeVasseur