Your Bi-Weekly–‘Tiny Moment’

From SVBC member Roni Chernin

Living in the altiplano of Southern Colorado at 8500 feet, there wasn’t much for birds to eat, so I grew some berry and seedy things inside a deer-proof fence, and had a hummingbird feeder in a juniper tree about 5 feet from the front door, visible from the dining room windows.

One day, my black dog Jessie started barking in a very different way, long, deep menacing barks – not just the normal “hey human, somebody’s here” announcement. I went to the door and opened it, and standing 5 feet away, helping himself to the feeder, was an adult brown (sic: black) bear.

Backing away slowly, closing (and locking) the door, I realized I needed to find my bird buds a new solution. We set up a stop point further up the tree with a rope and pulley system. The Ruby Throats and Rufous were happy again.

Graphic by E.H. Shepard