Your Weekly–‘Tiny Moment’

From SVBC charter member and Master Birdbander Judy Richardson

While weeding around a Boxwood bush something popped out the back door, if Boxwood bushes had back doors! She didn’t fly but headed straight to the ground to cover. Being the nature nerd that I am, I started to check out the Boxwood; only 3 feet high, but very dense with tiny branches and leaves. Right at the top and well disguised I saw some long bits of  brown grasses. An even closer look revealed a darling nest with 3 mottled eggs in it. A few days later I returned to find two more eggs! Again, the bird abandoned ship through the back door, straight to cover. Both parents sang out with gusto but never seemed overly frightened of me..

Three weeks passed. Once again I checked and found two tiny babies with 3 more unhatched eggs. Such an exciting find…such fun to watch!

The new parents? A pair for Song Sparrows, the second to choose my low Boxwoods. Both had 5 eggs. The first left the nest two weeks ago!

Song Sparrow photo courtesy of eBird.