Your Weekly–‘Tiny Moment’

From SVBC member Marisol Glassport from Winters, California.

This Tiny Moment was ‘tiny’ only in a temporal sense…the moment lasted less than a minute. But in scope the moment was VAST!

I was birding in rice fields near Davis, California. As I drove the Auto Tour Loop, suddenly over 200 White-Faced Ibises lifted off from the fields. ‘Odd,’ I thought. Then I saw what caused the lift-off…one of those very cool little single-seater airplanes buzzed by, maybe 50 feet overhead. The plane wasn’t crop-dusting; it was dropping rice for the next crop.

To quote a line from the great film ‘North By Northwest’…‘Some of them crop-duster fellers git rich, if’n they live long enough.’

FYI: The central valley of California grows about 85% of the world’s sushi rice!

Photos courtesy of Ed Glassport