Another ‘Tiny Moment’

This ‘Tiny Moment’ happened in California. It happened in California but the tiny moment involved one of our favorite San Vito birds. Here’s how it happened.

My wife Helen and I, recently returned from Costa Rica, were enjoying the outdoor charms of a nearby public park. From the backyard of a neighboring house came an oddly familiar sound;

‘Hey, that sounds like a White-throated Crake’ said Helen.

‘It sure does.’

After a bit of detective work the call of the White-throated Crake turned into the sound of an electric grass trimmer. Oops; but it was a very pleasant reminder of home.

Listen to the actual call of the White-throated Crake by clicking on the link below:

Let me know if you think the sound of the Crake is reminiscent of a grass trimmer.

(From Greg Homer)