Tiny Moments

Small bits, brief memories, filling our lives with joy — we all have these! Let us share them, from us to you and you back to us.

We’ll start: every day I walk my small dog and need a sturdy bamboo stick for balance (plus sunglasses, phone and keys). By the time binoculars and, worse, a camera are added it becomes completely unmanageable so the equipment is left at home.

I hear birds all around and see movement everywhere but am forced to concentrate on my steps to stay upright so it can become a vexation.

But suddenly the little dog will stop and spend minutes inspecting one or two blades of grass during which I can look around and this is when the Tiny Moment might happen.

The other day, two Yellow-bellied Elaenias popped onto a nearby wire fence and began to dance, each showing the other both their sides with fully poofed-up crests.

They make a noisy, vomitous call and thus are more often heard than seen. Needless to say this was new, thrilling and an out-of-myself moment — we all live for these!

Please send us one of yours (with photos if you’d like) to me: alison.w.olivieri@gmail.com or Greg Homer: eltangaral@gmail.com.

From The Birds of Panama, a Robert Dean illustration.