A Fond Farewell: Judith Ippolito

Mere sadness does not come close…not close at all…to convey how we feel about the recent passing of long-time friend and San Vito Bird Club member Judith Ippolito.

Our most genuine and profound condolences go out to Judith’s family–especially to our neighbor and very good friend, her loving husband Joe Ippolito.

We all have special memories of Judith, I am sure; her appreciation of nature…her dedication and hard work in many Spay & Neuter clinics…hearing her relay stories about the joys and perils of working on the farm. Most of all, I suspect, we all remember Judith for her unfailing joy of life, her glorious smile, her unequaled, flowing, raven-colored hair and her sense of humor.

Both a secular memorial and a Requiem Mass will be offered. Dates and times of these services will be forthcoming.

Allow me to share a most fond memory in this article (I tend to weep easily and would prefer to share it now). My wife Helen and I were visiting Joe and Judith at their home for lunch. We were quite new down here and our friendship was just blooming. During coffee, Helen started to talk about Ariadna’s little dog Africa (many of you will recall Africa). Helen stated that Africa reminded her of one of the Muppets…Gonzo. Judith was drinking coffee at this point and when she pictured Gonzo the Muppet, she laughed so hard she spit coffee all over Helen. Joe was a bit shocked but Helen and Judith just laughed and laughed and then laughed some more. That coffee proved to be a christening of our love and friendship.

Please enjoy the photos below of our dear, dear friend…Judith Ippolito,

The look of love.
Caring for animals.
Beautiful family.
Chicken dinner?