Birding in Your Pajamas

Get up…go outside…breathe deep…sweat…enjoy nature. As you probably are aware that is our mantra here at the San Vito Bird Club, So really…please do that.

But there may be times when, oh…you have the sniffles…a blister on your foot…a bad case of lethargy. If these or similar symptoms hit you, we now offer you a reasonable alternative to the *see above*.

Here are three options that allow you to go birding, from the couch, in your pajamas.

#1: Watch birds in South Africa

Follow this link to see a live streaming bird feeder in Pretoria, South Africa. The sheer number of birds and the diversity of birds is quite astounding. You’ll see Weavers, Hoopoes, Starlings, Lovebirds, old world Barbets, the Mousebird, the Go-Away Bird and much, much more. As a bonus the blogger displays the species names for you on the screen. The live stream continues at night when you might see bats and South African nocturnal mammals.

#2: Hummingbirds of Ecuador

This is place I’ve actually been to; Satchatamia Lodge in Mindo, Ecuador. The hummingbird feeders are kept spotlessly clean. Expect to see close to 20 different hummingbird species including our very own speedy and powerful, Rufous-tailed Hummingbird.

#3: Panama Birds at a Feeder, courtesy of Cornell Lab of Ornithology

You’ll recognize most the birds on these Panama feeders…but not all!

Enjoy these live streams but get off the couch, put on your hiking clothes and GET OUT THERE!