Cleaning binoculars, stretching legs!

We don’t know what you’re doing but we are going back into the field to look for birds and we’d like you to join us.

It’s time! Let’s get started! Kick that inertia through the door! Wear masks if you are more comfortable but know that we will be outside even when we break for coffee.

Recent Group on the Magic Road

Along with Bird Walks and upcoming events, we’d also like to ask you for Membership Dues. We’ve let them slide for a while now but to keep our teachers in the classroom and the Detectives de Aves lessons flying, please pay your dues now for 2022. You can do it here via PayPal by clicking on Membership in the website drop-down menu OR bring cash to the next Bird Walk.

We need your support! Those faces below? They need your vote of confidence. As always, thank you!

Detectives de Aves on the Canopy Tower