Cielo Lodge: Above!

The San Vito Bird Club sends our congratulations and best wishes to a new neighbor and new player in eco-tourism and habitat restoration in the southern zone neighbor–Cielo Lodge.

Located about 300 meters ABOVE the town of Golfito, Cielo Lodge is the dream culmination of Nicole and Keith Goldstein. But dreams rarely culminate (if that is even a word) without many hours of planning and even more hours of hard, hard work. Nicole and Keith can attest to this fact and the results are most apparent.

But there is far too much about this remarkable business for me to describe here…so please have a look at their website (above). Be assured…Cielo Lodge, the management and staff, are dedicated to providing a rare variety of nature experiences to their guests and with a minimum of impact (footprint).

How do I know? See photo below (taken by Helen LeVasseur) of Lydia Vogt, Nicole Goldstein (owner/proprietor of Cielo Lodge) and me during a recent visit/chat/lunch.

We, the San Vito Bird Club, will also be pleased to assist Cielo Lodge with their reforestation plans.