Frederick D. Schroeder 1934-2021

Treasurer Schroeder at a SVBC Annual Meeting. Photo by Jo Davidson

Fred and Jean Schroeder have been loyal members and generous supporters of the San Vito Bird Club since its inception in 2004. We probably don’t have to tell you how sad we are to report Fred died last weekend after a long illness.

As the Treasurer of the SVBC for nearly a decade, he kept us on the straight and narrow, tracking your membership dues, donations, restricted and general gifts.

Jean and Fred visited San Vito every winter for 12 years, staying at their beloved ‘Jungle Cottage’ at Hacienda Pino Collina, adjacent to the Wilson Botanic Garden. During these trips, they made so many devoted friends in San Vito and helped so many, they will be missed by all their Tico friends — and others all over the world where their travels took them. 

Fred’s gentle but sly sense of humor, his kindness, his truthfulness, intellligence and probity were readily apparent. His interests? Birds, butterflies, books, history, gardening, international travel, the wines of France, the arts — a long list in an extraordinary life.

Jean and Fred have been married for 62 years, shared a wonderful life together and  made the most of the short time alloted to each of us.

In addition to his work as our financial officer, he served on the board of the Connecticut Audubon Society, the Connecticut Ornithological Association and the Redding Conservation Commission.

In closing, this photograph by Jo Davidson portrays, better than words ever could, Fred and Jean’s remarkable love affair showing the joy of life and the joy of love.

Photo by Jo Davidson

If you would like to honor his memory in some way, please make a contribution to Connecticut Audubon by emailing: or click on this link to the New Pond Farm Fred Schroeder Memorial Fund