Next Bird Walk: New Location/Proximo caminata: Nueva ubicacion–Sunday, July 21

Please join the San Vito Bird Club for our next walk on Sunday, July 21st.

Location: La Troja Restaurant and trails in Limoncito; see below for directions.

As usual, we have a 6:00am walk scheduled and a 7:30am walk.

The 6am walk will be lead by Alamo Matarrita, who is the creator of the new trail system. This walk is long and fairly difficult; about a 3 hour loop. Very, very good second growth birding and wonderful scenery. Bring water and possibly an umbrella.

The 7:30am walk will be lead by Greg Homer. This walk will be only about one hour; again, great birding.

Also, for those who prefer to stay close the restaurant, you may join Alison Olivieri for a stroll about the grounds. Birding around the restaurant is also great.

La Troja restaurant is on the road north toward Buenos Aires but is only about 15-20 minutes from downtown San Vito. You will see the ‘LA TROJA’ sign on the right side of the road as you come into Limoncito.

You can meet up and follow Alamo Matarrita at 5:45am near the Nuevo Mundo Chinese restaurant for the 6am walk. For the 7:30 walk, you can meet up with Greg Homer at 7:15, same place.

Following your walk, La Troja serves reasonably priced breakfasts, lunches and beverages.

The owners of La Troja have great plans to reforest parts of their property; an action we all support and encourage! Hope to see you there.