Quiz Bird Answer! May 18th Posting

This was a difficult Quiz Bird.  We did have one correct guess on Facebook from the great and powerful Gabriel Calvo, who correctly identified the…NORTHERN SCHIFFORNIS.

I often refer the Northern Schiffornis as a ‘birder’s bird’, due its rather monotonous  plumage, sluggish behavior and secretive lifestyle.  The Northern Schiffornis definitely does not fall into the ‘charismatic’ category.  But it has a jolly good song!  Click in the ‘Listen’ button in the lower right of the screen (below).


Plus, no one (not even those wacky taxonomists) has ever really known what to call it.  Not long ago it was known as the Thrushlike Schiffornis and before that it was thought to be some sort of Manakin

Is it a Flycatcher?  Is it a Becard?  Is it a Manakin? Is it a Thrush?  Nope.  It is our one-and-only Northern Schiffornis.

(photo courtesy of Randall Jimenez)