Bernie and Seidy: A Farewell

The San Vito Bird Club wishes to express our extreme sadness at the untimely and unexpected passing of our two wonderful neighbors and friends…Bernie (Bernard León La Duke) and Seidy (Seidy Sánchez Chaves). They will be sadly missed.

We will miss Bernie; a man of infinite energy, business acumen, generosity and good cheer. And on a personal note, I (Greg), will miss his glorious sense of fashion and style.

We will miss Seidy. Seidy of the laughing eyes. No one who ever visited Seidy’s Magic Garden of Teacup Chihuahuas ever left without an uplifted spirit and a wide smile!

Our most sincere regards and sympathy go out to their daughter Alicia. Alicia, please reach out to us as needed.

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(photos courtesy of Donna Goodwin)