New Feature Coming Next Week: Ask the Experts!

A new feature for the San Vito Bird Club website is coming next week; and YOU can be part of it! We call it…

Ask the Experts

Each week (or maybe a little less) we will be posing a birding related question to our panel of three experts. Our three Experts are:

Pepe Castiblanco-Local business owner, long time birding guide and photographer.

Jim Zook-Long time professional ornithologist and occasional guide.

David Rodriguez Arias-Top birding guide and photographer from Monteverde.

The three Experts will provide a short answer to your questions based upon their years of field experience and knowledge.

Please feel free to pose a birding related question to the three Experts. Send your questions to:

Our first ‘Ask the Experts’ posting will appear next Thursday, July 23rd.