Bird Feeder Contest-2020!

It’s February; time for our annual SVBC Bird Feeder Contest.
Here are the ridiculously simple rules:
1. From Feb. 1-29 keep track of the number of bird species that land on or below your bird feeder.  Please limit your feeder viewing to a single location; don’t use one feeder here and one WAY over there.
2. Take your best bird feeder photo.
3. Take a picture of the most unusual bird species on your feeder.

THREE prizes will be awarded:

  • The greatest number of species.
  • The best feeder photo.
  • The most unusual feeder species photo.

To be eligible for a prize you must bring your list and/or photo to our SVBC Annual Meeting on Sunday, March 1, 2020…NO LATER THAN 8:30AM.  Also, you must have paid your 2020 membership dues!  Annual Meeting announcements will be coming soon.
Good luck.

Photo courtesy of Jo Davidson