The ‘Clean-up Crew’ Gets a Cool Drink

Good citizen and San Vito Bird Club member Tom Wilkinson noticed something the other day.

A couple of his local vultures (aka: The Clean-up Crew) were walking about his property, gazing forlornly into his near empty rain barrel.  Recognizing how dry and dusty it has been lately, Tom surmised that the Crew members might be a little dry!  Keeping the countryside clean, as vultures do, probably works up quite a thirst, thought Tom.

So being a good citizen, Tom put a couple of bowls of fresh, clean, pure water out for them.  At first, noticed Tom, the Clean-up Crew members were were suspicious of the water bowls.  And being normal vultures, it’s possible they were not familiar with anything fresh, clean and pure.  But little by little they approached the water bowls; after a short while the two crew members drank the bowls dry!  Tom refilled them.

Well done Tom!  Good deeds, good fellowship and keeping a close eye on the creatures around you should be recognized and shared.

What is most amazing from this tale?  That Tom was able to recognize a ‘forlorn look’ on the face of a vulture.

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Greg Homer

Alison Olivieri

Peter Wendell

(photo courtesy of Tom Wilkinson)

Vultures thirsty