SVBC Bird Feeder Contest: 2019!

As soon as you read this you may begin the 2019 San Vito Bird Club Bird Feeder Contest!

Here are the ridiculously simple rules for this year’s contest:

  1. Count the number of species of birds that come to your bird feeder from…NOW…until 8am Sunday, March 3rd.
  2. Your feeder(s) must be viewable from one single location.  In other words, you cannot count species from feeder #1 near your house and feeder #2 which is out in the pasture.
  3. All bird species may be counted that eat directly from the feeder or directly below the feeder.
  4. What food items you put on the feeder is up to you!
  5. Bring a paper copy of your bird feeder list to the SVBC Annual Meeting no later than 8:30 am on Sunday, March 3rd.  Meeting to be held, as usual, at Cascata del Bosco.
  6. Your list is subject to review.  For example, if you claim to have seen an Emperor Penguin, Chilean Flamingo or Archaeopteryx on your feeder we will probably need to have a talk.

There will be three winners this year:

  1. Greatest number of bird species.
  2. Second greatest number of bird species.
  3. And a new category; best bird feeder photograph.  To win this category you MUST send a digital copy of your best photograph to me (Greg Homer) NO LATER than midnight, Feb. 28th of this year.  Please do not send more than one photo; only your first photo will be judged.  Judging and selecting the winning photograph will be done by three of our premier Pajareros del Sur.  Send your photo to:

Good luck all.  More to come about the annual meeting very soon.


(photo courtesy of Helen LeVasseur)