Teacher Exchange: What Fun–What Success!

A Detectives de Aves (Bird Sleuth) teacher exchange program between San Vito, Costa Rica and the highlands of Guatemala recently concluded, with bilateral reports of great success, good fellowship and a promise for the future of Detectives de Aves.

Our San Vito Bird Club education team…Paula Mesen, Carla Azofeifa and SVBC President Peter Wendell…returned from the beautiful highlands of Guatemala just last month after spending a week observing and learning from their Guatemalan counterparts.  Also attending the visit was Dr. Lilly Briggs from Cornell University, coordinator and lead of  this very special project.

This past week the Guatemalan education team reciprocated by visiting us and participating in our San Vito Detectives de Aves classes.  Again, many, many thanks to Dr. Briggs for her guidance and vision.

Based on reports from the Detectives de Aves teachers from both San Vito and Guatemala, this exchange of teaching techniques and styles proved very valuable to all involved and we hope that more of these international visits will become available in the future.

As always, your generous donations to the SVBC and the Detectives de Aves classes are much appreciated.