SVBC Annual Meeting 2018: A Great Success!

Over 30 San Vito Bird Club members graciously attended our Annual Meeting on Sunday, February 25th at Cascata del Bosco.  Some highlights from the meeting (with photos below):

  1. A recounting of some of the more unusual and exciting bird sightings from the previous year.  Birds such as: Lemon-rumped Tanager, Rosy Thrush-tanager, albino Black Vulture, Three-wattled Bellbird, Common Potoo and Blue-winged Warbler.
  2. A recapitulation of our VERY successful Bird Sleuth (Detectives de Aves) education program and a preview of exciting events to come in 2018.
  3. A stirring and inspirational keynote speech from SVBC member and local businessman/naturalist Pepe Castiblanco.  Pepe recounted his dedicated struggles to evolve from San Jose cab driver to San Vito naturalist/guide.  Plus, he shared some of his most recent and jaw-dropping bird photographs.
  4. Expected bird taxonomy changes coming in 2018.
  5. Winners of the 2018 Bird Feeder Contest!  First place: Gail Hull (2nd year in a row) with 25 species.  Second place: Judy Richardson with 24 species.  Third place: Jo Davidson with 23 species.
  6. Announcement of our NEW SVBC President…Peter Wendell.
  7. Recitation of moving poem by Gail Hull.
  8. A SUPERB brunch provided by the Cascata del Bosco crew.
  9. A silent auction of extraordinary artwork from some of our members.

To those of you in attendance…thank you for your continued support.  And personally, thanks very much for joining me on the Sunday bird walks.

To those members who live abroad or were unable to attend; your continued support of the San Vito Bird Club is ALWAYS APPRECIATED!

(photo courtesy of Jo Davidson: new SVBC President Peter Wendell and out-going President Greg Homer)

Jo Davidson-Peter & Greg-SVBC Annual Mtg 2018-2.jpg

(photo courtesy of Alison Olivieri: keynote speaker Pepe Castiblanco)


(photo courtesy of Alison Olivieri: SVBC artist in residence Kathy Bauer)

Alison Olivieri-Kathy Bauer at Annual Mtg 2018.jpg