It’s That Time Again! The 87th Annual SVBC Bird Feeder Contest

What is it?—The San Vito Bird Club Bird Feeder Contest.  Whoever has the most species of birds come to their bird feeder wins.

When is it?—Begins February 1st and ends 8am on Sunday, February 25th (the day of our Annual Meeting).

Rules?—1. Your bird feeder(s) must be viewable by you, and if you have more than one, all must be viewable from a single spot.  In other words, you can’t have one here and one way out on the other side of the barn.  2. The birds must consume food from your bird feeder or around the bottom of your bird feeder.  3. Whatever food you put on the feeder(s) is up to you.  4. We use the honor system.  If you say you had a Laughing Kookaburra on your feeder, we’ll accept it.  But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…be sure you are correctly identifying your birds.  5.  Submit your list to Greg Homer on or before our Annual Meeting on Feb. 25th.  6. First, second and third place submissions receive a prize!

Good luck one and all.  Any questions, contact me (Greg Homer) at

(photo courtesy of Helen LeVasseur)