Pigeons and Doves of Coto Brus: ID by Song

Pigeons and Doves of Coto Brus: Identification by Song

Bird Name Description Song
Short-billed Pigeon Upright, reddish-brown. 4-5 syllables long. Think, ‘dos tontos son’.
Ruddy Pigeon Similar to previous; a little darker. Think, ‘what’s the matter’; sometimes ‘hey, what’s the matter’.
Scaled Pigeon Big and stocky, thick neck. Scaly neck and chest, light-colored. Deep pitched ‘wooo-oo-hoo’. The baritone of pigeons.
Pale-vented Pigeon Light-colored pigeon; soft colors on head, dark bill. Think ‘here we goooo’ or maybe ‘what the hell’.
White-tipped Dove Our most common dove. White head and white tips on tail. Sad sounding ‘wooooooooh’. Grey-headed Dove looks and sounds similar.
Ruddy Ground-Dove Little guys; light-colored head, reddish-brown body. Two distinct notes; think ‘woo-HOOT, woo-HOOT’ repeated several times.
Blue Ground-Dove Male is actually BLUE! Female brown. Single note ‘BOOP’.

(Scaled Pigeon photo courtesy of Luis Fallas)