Pura Mariposa – Only 8 days left!

Did you know there are only 8 days left to contribute to the KickStarter campaign for the Pura Mariposa photo book?

You can support the campaign by pre-ordering some greeting cards, a calendar, the photo book, or all of the above. Everything will be delivered in time for the holidays. Just think, instead of giving a case of Atlas beer, you can give something from the heart, that expresses your love for nature, beauty and Costa Rica. If there is any type of void in your life, this may just fill it. You may even become more interesting to others.

Please check out the kickstarter campaign and become a backer. All funds contributed will be refunded if the campaign doesn’t reach it’s funding goal.

For the love of birds, butterflies, and all things living, this is opportunity knocking at your door. A special gift that you can share with others!