Bird Jumble #2-Answers/Plus, Bird Jumble #3…Extravaganza!

Once again, here are last week’s Bird Jumbles followed by the answers:

large reactants = Scarlet Tanager

a noodle pro = Oropendola

bison poll = Spoonbill

a big drifter = Frigatebird (isn’t that one elegant?)

quick color user = Squirrel Cuckoo

camel cat wars = Scarlet Macaw

taco tune = Toucanet

porn guy died = Ruddy Pigeon

And the tie-breaker: chocolaty hurdler = Clay-colored Thrush

Hope you had some fun with this one.

Now…for Bird Jumble #3-Extravaganza!

Below you will see 3 jumbled bird names in three separate categories:

Challenging (tough ones)–Easier (but not easy)–Local Names (local bird names jumbled)


#1. an ox nipples

#2: cop mom on too

#3: darkest amity


#1: one pig

#2: law owls

#3: bitter nuns

Local Names:

#1: orangest

#2: boob

#3: daring loon

Good luck and have fun!

photo courtesy of Alison Olivieri